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What Weeaboo-Detector does

Detects weeaboos by using a wide range of words that weeabs are often known to say.
Puts weeaboos to shame by creating a custom rank that automatically gets assigned.
Automatically kicks weeaboos from your server when things are getting out of hand.
Automatically bans weeaboos that are a severe danger for humanity. Someone has to do the dirty work.
How does it work?


When a member types one of the blacklisted Weeb-Words, it will be added to the watchlist. This watchlist tracks how weeb the member is by saving a Weeb-Level. This Weeb-Level will increment every time a member says one the blacklisted words (see below).

Server Limits

Each server has its own customizable server limits. These limits indicate when a member should get assigned a rank, get kicked or banned. These actions will only fire when a members' weeb-level has risen above your own defined server limit.


This bot contains a global list of words that weeaboos are know to say. Each one of these words has its own level that indicates how severe a word is. The level assigned to this word will be added the the members' Weeb-Level when said.

The Weeaboo rank

When a member is starting to show the first stages of being a weeab, it will be assigned a special rank. This is actually just a normal Discord rank that automatically gets assigned. With this rank you punish the foul weeab by taking away its rights, which it already didn't deserve.